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"I love your product, I even use it on my 18 month old daughter and it works great. I love your hair care line."
Monique Tyson Savannah, Ga

"I love your products."
Jessica Baldwin Mitchell

“I really like the gel (Grip).”
Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas (of the hit R&B group TLC)

"I love Travis Dowdy products"
Cynthia Bailey (of the real housewives of Atlanta)

Hello Travis. This is the stylist from Alambama!! I had the pleasure of meeting you in Atl. I must say I'm falling in Love with the products!
Latara Gray,Birmingham, Al

I got your product once at my salon, but they are out now and I really need it! My hair loves it and there is nothing else I can find to compare.

Thanks! Bev Tyus

I use Travis Dowdy Products and they are wonderful..i really like the ingredients, the fragrances, and the silky finish on my hair..friend him on facebook and learn more about his journey.

perfectlycoiffed youtube comment. See video

I had the pleasure of meeting travis Dowdy at a hair show last month. I have been using some of his products and they are THE BOMB!!! ...

Denise Gordin Jackson MS


So I just had to Friend request you so I could tell you how much I LOVE my hair now!!!! and LOVE LOVE LOVE my products!!! ;) Thank you!!!

Christen Goldsby Jackson MS


This product is awesome! I never used sheens in the past because they were always heavy on my hair and weighed it down. With Revive its weightless and I use two sprays a day, style my hair and I'm off! It gives my hair so much body and makes it so soft.
Elizabeth Taylor from Phila, Pa

Dear Travis,
I am writing to express how i feel about the products that you have created. I have been using the product for the past five years in both ATL and Arizona. I was introduced to the product by this guy, He dropped off the radiant and told me if i used it I would never use anything else. So I sat it down and finished my client with the products that I normally used, and contiuned using it. About five months past by and I was out of a shine serum that I normally used and the radiant was the only thing that I had. I used it and the guy was right I've never used anything else since that day. I would put this line to test with any other lines in the industry... All of my clients are hooked to it they order it and has named it "HAIR CRACK". there has been a couple of times that I have ran out and I mean after scraping the bottle, and they could see,fell, and tell the difference. Since using the Travis Dowdy line my retail sales are limitless. I recently moved to Arizona and every stylist that I've left a sample with has raved over it. Even my arizona clients are addicted to the line. I could'nt see my hair styles with out the Travis Dowdy collection. Thank you for created such an amazing line
- Chardai Fisher

Freelance Designer/Educator from Arizona

In my transition to using Travis Dowdy Hair Care Products exclusively, I’ve noticed a wonderful change in the appearance of my clients’ hair. There’s been a total “TRANSFORMATION”… I’m a stylist that’s really big on healthy hair that has a lot of movement and body so I look for products that can fit the description of the kind of hair my clientele is used to having (healthy hair). I was introduced to TD products through a friend on FB who still to this day hasn’t used it, but he referred me to the company and I must say I’m loving all the products, especially the Radiant Gloss and the Fusion Spray. These products are very good not only clients who are natural or relaxed, but also I’ve noticed it’s GREAT for that clientele that are big on wearing extensions. My Silk Press clients absolutely love it! Every product in this line has improved the feel of my client’s tresses and has given each lady a total boost of confidence in knowing they finally have hair that can still be healthy without having a bunch of product buildup on their scalp and hair! Without a shadow of a doubt this product line has met my needs for my clientele and it’s sure to be a MAIN line for me to use for years to come. I can’t wait until the Complete maintenance line comes out, that way I can convert my back-bar line over as well. Blessings upon you and your company Travis! I can’t wait to see the success God has in store for your company, unfold before our very eyes…. #TeamTravisDowdyHaircare …
Samuel (Transformation Hair Gallery) Seffner, Fl

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